Thursday, June 2, 2011

My salad of the moment

I'm not that creative in general, especially in the kitchen.  My sister is the opposite, she creates all sorts of wonderfully yummy recipes on her own, but I prefer to follow a a T.  Now, I don't know what came over me one afternoon.  I was having a feeling that I really wanted a salad that had some warm, sauteed veggies on it.  And, that's when my idea was born. 

I started out with some tempeh, sauteing it in olive oil after seasoning it with salt and pepper, cumin, and garlic powder. Then, I added asparagus and snow peas, seasoning them with a little salt.  I browned the tempeh nicely before flipping it over to do the same on the other side, while continuing to stir the veggies.  Towards the end of cooking the tempeh and veggies, I added some chopped green onion and cherry tomatoes in addition to some balsamic vinegar.  I served this over some romaine with a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette.  Can I just tell you how delicious this was?  Oh my, the crunchy, seared tempeh was just so yummy.  And, the veggies were bright green, while the tomatoes were warmed just enough.  It was really just what I envisioned.  Imagine that!

After I ran out of asparagus, I decided to buy brussel sprouts because I love them so!  And, I think I may like this version better.  Why?  Because the brussel sprouts get nice and charred and are just so delicious!  This picture is of a salad I am making this week.

I've also been making a yummy wrap that is quickly coming in at a close second place to this salad.  I'll be writing about that later, after I take a picture of the deliciousness.  
Happy creative cooking!