Monday, April 30, 2012

hello hello

I've been gone for a while.  Not for any big reason, it's just been a bit busy.  We're always busy.  There are piano lessons, cello lessons, play dates, tea dates, grocery shopping, a husband who travels, outside playing, and now we've added soccer to the mix.

Last week specifically was extra busy.  I am in a book club and we had our first meeting one night last week.  We met on a night that my husband has his fire meeting.  Our regular babysitter was out of town too, and we don't normally make the sitters put the boys to bed, but book club started at 7pm so the new sitter had to put them to bed.  I guess it wasn't as smooth as it could have been.  The following night Chris and I attended our school's annual fundraising event.  Again, we had to be gone before putting the kids to bed.  After some discussion on how they should "listen to the babysitter", I guess things went much smoother.  whew!

Saturday night I was happy to stay in.  As fun as it is to go out, it's equally as nice to stay in after a couple of late nights out.


You remember my favorite vegan cookbook author right?  How could you forget the fabulous Dreena Burton?  Well, her new cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan! is being re-released tomorrow.  There were some mislabelings on some of the recipes, but the ingredients were all correct.  Luckily we don't have any allergies in my immediate family so it didn't affect us at all...and I cooked my little heart out.

The aftermath
Three's Company Pie (chocolate, peanut butter, banana)
BF (Blueberry Free) Blueberry Muffins
Coconut Banana  Muffins
Beans 'n' Greens Soup
Corn Chowder Quinoa Casserole
Almond Roasted Cauliflower with "No-fu Love Loaf"
Cream Cheese Brownies with Salted Dark Chocolate Topping
Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls

Dreena's cookbook officially goes on sale tomorrow but her buying incentives start today.  Where can you find the incentives?  You can find them here at her new site

Think about doing something good for yourself, and getting a little something from Dreena too.