Sunday, September 19, 2010

What did you do?

It was Saturday and my husband and Mom were on a road trip to bring back a dining room set from my Aunt and Uncle who live out of state. This meant that I was at home with the 3 boys and my cute niece...all day long. They're great kids, but when naps are short, which then leads to clingy kids, and said road-trippers don't get in until after 10pm, well, it can make for a long day. We did find ways to break up the day, to keep everyone entertained, and happy. This is what we did.

:: We started the day with a big breakfast

:: played with balloons

:: some of us colored

:: thankfully the rain stopped, so we were able to play outside. Some, being drawn to the street...

:: found all small puddles on the driveway

:: road our fastest!

:: ran our fastest while playing the "keep away from Mommy" game

:: were drawn again to the street (thankfully, we live on a pretty quiet road)

:: and played with birthday decorations.

What a completely full Saturday we had! What did you do this weekend?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our woods

We're settling in to our new (to us) home since we moved the past 3 weeks ago. And, with settling into the inside of our home, we've also been playing in our yard, meeting our neighbors, and exploring the woods outside our fence in our backyard.

There are a plethora of sticks, acorns, moss, leaves, rocks, etc. Everything a boy could want.

In no way did I stage the picture below:

The boys aren't the only ones asking to go explore in the woods...Mommy is usually the first one to suggest it. We all love our woods.