Sunday, September 19, 2010

What did you do?

It was Saturday and my husband and Mom were on a road trip to bring back a dining room set from my Aunt and Uncle who live out of state. This meant that I was at home with the 3 boys and my cute niece...all day long. They're great kids, but when naps are short, which then leads to clingy kids, and said road-trippers don't get in until after 10pm, well, it can make for a long day. We did find ways to break up the day, to keep everyone entertained, and happy. This is what we did.

:: We started the day with a big breakfast

:: played with balloons

:: some of us colored

:: thankfully the rain stopped, so we were able to play outside. Some, being drawn to the street...

:: found all small puddles on the driveway

:: road our fastest!

:: ran our fastest while playing the "keep away from Mommy" game

:: were drawn again to the street (thankfully, we live on a pretty quiet road)

:: and played with birthday decorations.

What a completely full Saturday we had! What did you do this weekend?

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