Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do you feed this baby?

Our 10 1/2 month old has quite an appetite.

And, my older boys love to take pictures of him.

These pictures were taken at breakfast, which is pretty much the same meal every morning. He has yogurt, his favorites are vanilla and banana. He'll also have a piece of toast, and a fruit, either banana, melon, or pears. So, that's not such a huge meal for him.

But today, he ate his lunch and dinner like he was training to run a marathon! Now, I'm not sure on exact amounts, because I kept having to go get more, to appease his appetite. But, here is an approximation of what he had for lunch:
2 TBS cooked green beans cut into tiny pieces
3 TBS strawberries, also cut into tiny pieces
1/4 cup leftover macaroni and cheese
between 7-10 Kashi TLC crackers w/ 2 tsp hummus
1/4 golden delicious apple

Then, after he'd eaten my part of the apple, I got another whole apple out for myself. He started giving me "the look", so I gave him my apple.

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