Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me! Monday

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I wrote this post last week but wasn't able to post it. So, here it is this week!

It's my second Not Me! Monday post. Yay! Actually, I'm not really writing this on Sunday. Nope! Not me! I'm never prepared in advance. Really, I'm not.

I never procrastinate. Never! And, that's why I haven't finished some of my sewing projects that are for my sister. You see, she's pregnant. She's due in 3 days and actually called me last night, thinking maybe she was beginning to go into labor. I haven't heard from her this morning (it is really Sunday as I'm writing this) so either she's still in labor or she's sleeping (since she lives in CA and it's just now 8:15am there). Anyway, I got off track. I have one more small, quick, easy project that probably will take me 20 minutes at most to finish up. Have I completed it so she can have all of her gifts from me before her baby is born? Nope! I haven't! Not me!

I always finish my projects in a timely manner. There's no way I'd wait years to finish a quilt for her either! I didn't buy beautiful Batik fabric so many years ago that I can't even remember how long it's been.

sigh...not me...


  1. HAHA!!! As your sister, I share the same gene that makes us procrastinate... As you may recall I have yet to make Nicholas (15 months old) a baby blanket. But yes, I have thought to myself from time to time, 'I wonder if she ever started that quilt...' hehe!

  2. I've washed the fabric, so far that's what I've done. I too need to make Nicholas a blanket, and now Glenn too. :)

  3. procrastinating? never over here either!