Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You do what you gotta do

My 14 month old baby is transitioning from 2 naps to 1. Right now, he's recovering from a trip out of town, teething (molars and an eye tooth), and a cold. It's difficult knowing if he needs a nap or not. I'm assuming because of the aforementioned issues, that he would have needed 2 naps today. Considering he had a relatively short nap this morning, I assumed he'd need that extra nap this afternoon...I guess I was wrong.

After I had already begun making rhubarb bread, I realized this baby would not be napping this afternoon. I hadn't begun dinner yet and time was quickly ticking away. After getting my very happy baby out of his crib and bringing him downstairs to observe me frantically finishing my bread and begin to throw something together for dinner I gave him a snack to keep him happy. I put a few puffs in a small bowl that he holds onto himself. He scooped them all up at once and put them in his mouth, looked up at me, asking for more. Too cute.

Once snack was done, he was on the prowl, to find something interesting to do. And what did he find? This:


Now, my former self would have stopped this fiasco before it came to this, but my new self, who knows to pick her battles now, let him have fun.

...and he had FUN!

Tossing and giggling...

and tossing some more.

He created quite the mess.

But, he did help clean up. What a good boy.

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