Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Week

Wow! It's been a busy week. From my husband working tons, having a coworker in town, and not working in his home office - to having a stager come and re-work our home, it has been quite the week! The staging involved some organizing, closet-cleaning, small (but fun!) purchases, and packing. All, of which, is done after sending the kids to bed. This resulted in some super late bedtimes for me, and with the kids getting up during the 5:00am hour, I've been a bit sleep-deprived. Thus the reason for not blogging.

We have an open house this Sunday. To add to the fun, my husband will be leaving early in the morning for work, so I get to prepare, with all kids in tow, by myself! Hopefully the weather will be accommodating so they can enjoy the summer morning while I become a cleaning tornado!

Regardless, we've had a nice week. The weather has been beautiful, which has enabled us to take our daily walks, the bigger boys have played in the water and the sand, and we took a trip to one of our favorite stores, The Mom and Pop Place.

I'm amazed at how ingenious my oldest son is. He has a plan and an idea for everything. Fireworks are fresh on his mind, with the pending Holiday. He's planning on having a firework company and giving us all free fireworks! Thanks honey!!

My middle boy is such the sweetheart. He is my most challenging (so far) but has really become affectionate. He's always asking if I need a sweet! He's also quite interested in death and dying asking, "Will I miss him if he died?" And saying, "I hope I don't die before it's my time." Whew, I'm not sure I can take these conversations much longer!

The baby is walking more. He's 16 months old now, and still not exclusively walking. That's okay, it'll come with time. He is, however, climbing up on anything (everything) he can: the coffee table, kitchen chairs, couches, beds, over-turned laundry baskets...he's my climber!

I hope next week brings a bit of a calmer feel. We'll be leaving for vacation soon, so that will bring a very calm and relaxing feel. We're excited and the boys are beginning to make their lists. Those journals are coming in handy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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