Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow, Snow Beautiful Snow

I received a request to do a post on snow, from a friend who loves snow.  I also love snow.

We get lots of snow where we live in Michigan.  We just moved here in the fall, so this is our first winter here.  Although, I grew up here, so this isn't new to me.  My Texan hubby however, is finding it a bit much...the amount of snow we're getting.

Last week we got some warm weather and almost all of our snow melted...much to the dismay of our children.


But, no fear my children!  The snow has returned...with a vengeance!  Here is what our backyard looks like today.

We have to stake out our driveway, so we know where to shovel.  It helps me to stay on the driveway when it's covered in snow.

And, we've wrapped up our evergreen bushes, so the snow won't weigh down the branches too much.

The baby wasn't too interested in playing outside in the snow today.

Why not?!?


This next picture is for my sister.  We miss you Kari!

We average about 100 inches of snow annually.  And, we rarely see the sun during the winter months.  That's probably the worst part of getting all this snow.  
The other part of living here that bothers our children is that the schools aren't too eager to close.  It's nothing to get 6 inches of snow for a couple of days in a row and the school system rarely delay's school, let alone closes.  We had a blizzard just before Christmas which resulted in about 20 inches of snow over 2 days.  It took the snow plow 3 days to come down our street.  And, the local schools did close.  My kids let out a loud Hooray!  
We'll see how things look in March.  I'll be ready for Spring then.  But, we'll most likely still be buried in snow.

Happy winter everyone!

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