Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fall Pantings and Spring Sprouts

We moved into our home last fall.  I heard that our landscaping was new, from our neighbors, so I thought the previous owners probably hadn't planted any bulbs that would bloom in the Spring.  Since we have such long winters here, I really look forward to those early signs of spring and vibrant, beautiful colors after a long, white and brown winter.

So, this past Fall my Mom and I planted some bulbs, 300 bulbs.  Yes, maybe it was a bit excessive, but I was at Sams and saw that they had some different bulbs that came 100 in a pack.  I bought 100 crocus (because I really want to see those early bloomers!), 100 daffodils, and 100 tulips (red, I think).

I loved having my Mom's help.  We had procrastinated a bit...well, maybe I procrastinated.  That seems to be a common problem to have in my family...procrastination.  We had already had our first snow and it was pretty chilly.  But, the ground was still soft.  We just had to maneuver around the weed barrier that the previous owners had put down.  But, with my Mom's guidance, we mapped out a plan.  We laid out the bulbs on top of the dirt, spacing them out all (those of you who know us, aren't surprised we were so particular with our planning).

Then, we began digging.  Some were easier than others, based on weather we had to go through the weed barrier or not.  I think it took us just under an hour to complete.  And, boy were we glad to be done!

All winter I've been so hoping that we did a good job, not getting any bulbs buried under the weed barrier.  Hoping to see those green shoots this spring telling me that we did a good job and will soon have color in front of our brown house, in our brown yard.

And, guess what?

There they are!  Hooray!

Aack!  Be careful Nicholas! 

Whew, that was close.

Now we wait for the tulips and daffodils.  But, having these early bloomers will help me be patient to wait for the others.

Happy almost Spring everyone.

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