Friday, March 25, 2011

How old are you? Two!!

We have a new two-year old in our house.  And, he loves the Happy Birthday song.  He understands the concept of presents, loved his cake, and blew out his candles all by himself.  He's not my little, quiet baby anymore.  He's growing into a very big, active, happy, funny, and smart boy.  He's the best surprise we could have ever asked for (because, unlike our other boys, this baby boy of ours was not planned, so a surprise for us!)

We had a low-key party, just my Mom and niece came.  But, I'm sure they enjoyed not having to drive the 8+ hours it used to take them to come to celebrate the kids birthdays.  And, we loved having them here.

Grandma and Aaralynne were helping get the presents out.  We love living closer by our family.  But, we miss all of our WI friends!

No I'm not a professional cake baker.  Can you tell?  But, the important thing is, the birthday boy knew his cake was supposed to be a train.  And, it did look much better than Matthew's second birthday train cake.

And, it tasted good too.  Even our favorite girly, who tends to be picky about her sweets, loved it.

And, after the party was done, the kids were put to bed, Chris and I returned to our room and found someone sleeping in our bed!!  Girly, did you put Elmo to sleep in our bed??

Happy birthday Nickel baby!

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