Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday walk in the woods

My husband thought he was going to take the boys for a walk in the woods by himself.  I entertained the idea of getting a head start on my Sunday baking, but when given the option of walking in the woods, I'll take the woods every time.

The boys love to pick dandelions.

Daniel and the boy across the street are building a teepee.

Even the littlest boy needs a stick for a walk in the woods.

There's lots to see...

The "stick fort".

The "step fort".

The baby likes to climb trees.

It was worth putting off my baking until the afternoon.  The older boys enjoy playing with the kids in the neighborhood and sometimes I don't see much of them on the weekends.  This weekend was different, we had lots of family time.  And I loved our family walk in the woods.

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  1. I miss the woods! Looks like you guys will have lots of 'forts'! :)