Thursday, February 2, 2012

in my kitchen

Today in my kitchen I have:

     ::  a boy who wasn't feeling well, who turned into a boy who was really not feeling well...sparing the details, he's the latest victim of the flu in our house

     ::  a lot of cooking happened - cookies, bread, soup - all making for a delicious dinner

     ::  Laurie Berkner serenading us as we had our lunch today

     ::  a lot of cleaning happened - I managed to clean my floors while Nickel napped, and promptly had to clean them again after his nap (I spared you that photo...right, I didn't even take one)

     ::  dishes done before dinner...the best!

I have a feeling tonight will be not very restful for at least two of us.  I'm heading to bed.  Wish us luck.

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