Friday, March 30, 2012


It has been an interesting week, to say the least.  Three out of the five of us were sick (including mama) so we were house-bound pretty much the entire week.  We did get out today, since we were all feeling much better, having hot chocolate (and tea and coffee) with Grandma and my niece.  It was nice getting out amongst the living again and especially seeing my Mom and niece.

It's always easier to see the bad in the difficulties in life.  In light of the challenges I faced this week, I thought I would list the things I am thankful for instead...

     ~  two sick boys who were uncomfortable, tired, and unhappy...allowing us to slow down our pace and enjoy a relaxing week (not thankful that they were feeling this way, but thankful we were able to slow down...just thought I should clarify)
     ~  one middle boy who didn't get sick, but had to cancel three of his playdates
     ~  dinner tonight...a simple vegan meal that received no complaints!
     ~  family movie night where no one is complaining!
     ~  our trip to the doctor which confirmed an ear infection and strep throat and allowed us to treat our very uncomfortable and unhappy oldest boy
     ~  the day after beginning treatment when our oldest awoke as a new person...hooray!
     ~  a couple of inches of snow falling today, since we didn't experience much of a winter up here in Northern Michigan this year
     ~  my glass of wine that I'm enjoying while my feet are up on the coffee table
     ~  my husband who bought the wine a couple of weeks ago
     ~  "pet sitting" three dogs, two cats, and four chickens...allowing us to get out of the house and walk in the fresh air, even when we didn't feel like it
     ~  visiting with said pets (spread out between 3 homes, of which the humans are all on separate cruises!!) who made us feel as we were the best things in the world
     ~  my husband who worked late all week so he could watch a movie with me tonight after the kiddos go to sleep

Happy weekend to you all!

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