Saturday, June 2, 2012

what's for dinner?

Dinner tonight was a work in progress for most of the afternoon.  I love to take my time in the kitchen, to get things ready while my youngest naps so I can play when he's up.  Then when I bring dinner to the table, it feels easier than it actually was.

Tonight I made curried chickpeas, a recipe from the workshop I'm attending.

Simple roasted asparagus from Dreena's latest cookbook.

Roasted zucchini, along with some quinoa and my favorite new sauce from Dreena...Citrus Tahini Sauce.  sigh... It is great on grains, roasted veggies, or straight out of the jar.  Delicious.

Now, time to pop some corn.


  1. So jealous! I haven't had a chance to try any new recipes from Dreena's new book. I'm a huge fan of asparagus & Dreena, so I'm pretty sure I would love this recipe.

    How are you liking your workshop so far?

    1. Hi Janae! Thanks for visiting! Isn't Dreena fantastic? I have to say, I'm a bit of a fan of hers. She cooks exactly the way I like to eat. And her latest cookbook is healthy and delicious. I found you through her (and Circle of Mom's) and love the look of your new site. You have a similar cooking style as Dreena and I look forward to following you along your journey.

      I'm enjoying my workshop, it's about to end this week. It's been nice to have a community of other (mostly) like-minded individuals, interested in healthy eating and healthy living in general. It is becoming a passion of mine and I love immersing myself in it.

      Take care,