Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cleanse challenge :: day 2

Day two went well.  Because of an early morning thunderstorm and a late night up watching The Bachelorette (yes, I am one of those people) I didn't have time to do my morning workout.  And because life with 3 busy boys is shall I say....busy?  I wasn't able to work out today.  No worries, I will tomorrow. 

Aside from wanting a piece of chocolate and something crunchy I'm very satisfied by my meals.  To satisfy my crunchy craving I made some granola.  That did the trick.

Breakfast was a green smoothie with kale and spinach and some fruit.  Lunch was a yummy salad with nectarines and walnuts.  I used up the last of my dressing so I'll need to make more tomorrow.  Dinner was fried rice without the oil.  I was craving fried rice and didn't have all of the vegetables I'd wanted to put in.  My Co-op didn't have any snap peas or green beans.  Bummer!  I added what few veggies I did have:  mushrooms, carrots, onion.

All in all today went well.  I'm not craving anything specific now that I've had the granola.  I look forward to the coming days to see how well my body feels.

I'll be taking tomorrow off (off of blogging that is!), but returning for a full report of the holiday grilling menu on Thursday. 

Happy July 4th!

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