Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to School

After having both boys home for a week over Thanksgiving, it was time to send them back to school.

I love having them home, it's so nice having the whole family together all day. Prior to the vacation, I'm always skeptical, wondering if they'll get along, wondering if we'll run out of fun things to do, wondering if the weather will cooperate to allow us lots of play-time outside, wondering if I can handle the whining... But, all of that goes by the wayside when I prepare them to go back to school. The vacation time always goes by sooo fast, probably because we're so busy.

They're gone so long during the school day, especially my second-grader. He's gone 8 hours, and then he's here a mere 3 hours before he heads to bed. I really miss him, and his intelligent conversations. My preschooler, is gone only the morning, but doesn't remember much of what he does during the day. So, I try asking different questions to try to jog his memory. Sometimes it works...

I've often thought of homeschooling them, then I could have them all to myself all day. I'd definitely do it, if I could be more disciplined and organized. So, I guess I'll just leave that to the professional teachers, and miss them while they're gone. Absence makes the heart grow they say. Although, I think I'm as fond of them as I could possibly be.

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