Monday, May 9, 2011

Building a Garden and Happy Mother's Day!

I think the threat of snow is finally gone...whew!  And at the boy's school, they're selling some of their seedlings that the kids have helped to plant.  I preordered some tomatoes ('Pink Ponderosa', ‘Green Zebra’, ‘Gold Medal’, ‘Pantano Romanesco’, ‘Carbon’, and ‘Great White’ OR ‘Ananas Noire’ depending on what's left) and cruciferous plants that I've never grown before (2 kinds of kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage).  I'll be picking them up next week so I knew it was time to "build" our garden.

Chris took the two older boys to the hardware stores to pick up some cedar to use as our frame on our raised beds.  We decided to do two frames, 10 feet long by 5 feet wide.  That will give us plenty of room to grow our veggies, berries, and herbs.

Daddy had lots of helpers.

We had to break for bubbles.

And, here they are!  The farmer down the street is coming by in the next day or two to till up the ground and bring in some soil and compost.  I'm heading to the co-op tomorrow because I heard they have some seedlings available and I'm specifically looking for beets.

The gardening season has begun and I'm very excited to learn as I go.  I don't have a very green thumb, but it's getting greener and greener each year.  This year, I learned to plant my rows North to South to prevent shadowing and making sure everyone gets plenty of sunshine.  One of the teachers at school is a Master Gardener and I'm hoping to have some gardening-related conversations with her in the very near future.  Daniel has a gardening class at school, so I may have a question or two for him too.  I'm not too proud to ask!


It was Mother's Day this past weekend.  Now that we're closer to my Mom, I'm so happy to actually have spent this past Sunday with her, and my niece.  There have only been a couple of times, since leaving home, that I've been able to spend Mother's Day with my Mom, so this year was very special.  The weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outside.

The kids helped Grandma make dessert.

The girlie was helping Nicholas drink his milk...too cute.

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day too.

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