Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making a House a Home

We've started putting some personal touches on our home.  It takes us a while, to know exactly where we want to hang our pictures, and we felt ready to start hanging.  I also bought some wall lettering that Chris applied.  He did a really nice job.  This one is above the entrance from the dining room, to the foyer.

We also hung a couple of pictures and some sconces in the dining room.

This one hangs in the foyer, just before entering the living room.

And, my wedding photo hangs in our bedroom.

It's nice to see all of our wall hangings up again.  I didn't realize that I'd missed them!

And, who can resist a cute, snoozing puppy? 

We worked on the kids rooms as well.  This is our oldest son's room.

And, our middle son...

Hmmm, not the best photo...

This is the end of the hallway, just before heading down the stairs.  We had the table here already, but I added the picture and lamp.

Finally, the "baby's" room. 

I need to put my own pictures in the frames yet.

So, that's about it for now.  We didn't hang anything up in the kitchen or living room.  We'll probably have to purchase some things for those rooms.  We're wanting an area run to break up the monotony of brown that's in the living room, and we still don't have bar stools.  We're keeping our eyes open for some good deals.

Happy Tuesday!

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