Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Someone got a haircut!

My littlest boy as been getting his hair cut by Mommy for the past few months.  I have several family memebers who cut hair of them is not me.  They do a great job cutting hair, and I don't.  However, I cut my kids hair when they're babies and it's so fine and thin and still coming in that I just cut a little here, a little there.  But, with our youngest, it was time for him to see a professional.  His mullet was getting too long, and random wispy hairs were getting into his eyes...poor guy.

So, we took the leap yesterday and I took all 3 boys to get their haircut at the same time.  The bonus was there were all getting their hair cut at the same time and we were outta there in 30 minutes!

He did great...still a little drowsy after naptime.  But, he sat still and only winced a little at the water being sprayed on his hair, and the clippers.

I think it's too short, he doesn't look like my baby anymore.  In that 30 minutes he went from being my baby to a big boy toddler.



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  1. You're right! :( He doesn't look like Harper anymore. :(