Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bites, bugs and mushrooms

I'm a creature of habit, but I do try new things from time to time.  I got some new teas for Christmas.  We have a wonderful organic tea company not too far from our house.  I discovered them at our local Co-op and happened upon their farm and store one day.  They have a tasting room!  The cinnamon tea was lovely this morning.

We had time to do a little baking this morning.  Only to my surprise, the recipe I wanted to make didn't require any baking.  My favorite vegan cookbook author, Dreena Burton, just revealed this recipe on her blog for Lemon-Kissed Blondie Bites.  They don't have any added sugar, the don't have any added oil.  And, there's a gluten-free option.  They have a delicious hint of lemon that is so fresh and light.  Amazing. 

Someone was very interested in helping me.

And he couldn't help himself from having many tastes.


A project developed this afternoon.  My oldest son found a bug this morning and his paternal instinct kicked in.  After school he decided he needed to construct a habitat for it.  Everyone was involved and the other boys decided that they needed to construct houses for their stuffed animals.

Dewey in the middle...always.

But, tragedy struck.  While I was holding the lid closed so Daniel could tape up the openings, the bug accidentally was squished.  You could have heard a pin drop in my kitchen.  Everyone was devastated, especially me.  We thought he/she might come around, but we weren't so lucky.  His/her final resting place is out on our deck under a blanket of leaves.


On to something more positive...dinner.  Creamy mushroom fettuccine.  Creamy, delicious, and vegan.  Thank you Isa.

I didn't get that walk in this afternoon.  What I really want is a walk at twilight.  Hopefully tomorrow night after dinner.

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