Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fun in the snow, blue sky and a dance party

 This past week has been pretty chilly here in Northern Michigan.  Our winter started out very mild, with not much snow.  But that has changed. 





I feel a bit like Mr. Rogers now.  I take off my coat when I come inside my house and promptly put on my warm sweater.  I don't have any inside shoes, though.  And I don't sing the song.  But, maybe I will tomorrow...


Today we spent our afternoon in the backyard.  Daniel is working on building a snow fort.  He's calling it a quinzie  and I'm not really sure how to spell it and what makes it different from a snow fort.  This is what the Boy Scouts slept in last January.

He had some helpers.   (I'm using that term loosely)


Or maybe I should say supervisors.

This one enjoyed the challenge of walking in the deep snow.




He'd fall...


...but then get right back up.


Such a proud boy!

The squirrel nests are no longer hidden this time of year.


This big boy showed me his talents at making a snow angel. 

 As of this evening they have made progress with the quinzie.





I saw blue sky today.  We don't see that much of it around here, this time of year.  It was something to take in - and appreciate.


We finished up the day with a dance party.  The oldest boy had his turn first and was letting the younger two have a go at it.

 My middle one can really bust a move!

We did it!  We're over the hump and on our way down the hill.  Daddy will be home in a couple of days and then it will be the weekend.  A nice, relaxing weekend.

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