Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Late night, phone calls and no photos

I've been on the phone most of the night.  Chatting with my Mom, sister, and brother.  Nothing in particular, just catching up with my Mom, talking to my sister as she was on her way to her book club meeting, and enlisting my techno-savy brother's help in debugging my computer.  Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my family and friends for the bogus email sent by "me".  I'm not sure how it's happening, but I'm trying to get it figured out and hopefully it won't happen anymore.  The virus scan looks to be about 75% complete and no viruses have been found.  I was hoping it would find something.

We had another nice, snowy day today.  It started out with freezing rain, which I thought would have hampered our grocery shopping, but it didn't.  The roads were messy, but not slippery.  However, by the end of the school day, the roads were very snow-covered and I hadn't seen a snow plow yet (it's after 11pm...very late for me...and I still haven't seen one go by our house and it's been snowing all afternoon and all night) so I made the decision to cancel piano.  I don't want to cancel every time it snows, but it was coming down pretty hard.  And I knew we'd be driving on the curvy roads, around the lake, in the dark, in the snow, and that had me concerned.  So, we went home to clear off the driveway instead.

Now, if I were computer savy, I would insert a picture here that I took with my phone.  But, since I'm unable to figure out how to get my pictures from my phone on my laptop, it'll have to wait...sorry.

That was pretty much the whole of our day.  I made some soup but refrained from baking (two days in a row now!) and will have to bake cookies tomorrow.  sigh  It's a tough job and someone has to do it.

So, good night all.  I will be back, with more pictures tomorrow.

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