Monday, January 16, 2012

extra days off and a cold weekend

Silly me...I thought my kids had school today, Martin Luther King, Jr day.  My oldest thought to check the school website.  I'm glad he did.  Since they had a snow day on Friday, we had a nice four day weekend.

A good time for Play Dough.

And boys concentrating very intently on their task at hand.

I love bringing out the Play Dough bin, after a long vacation down in the basement.  It keeps them occupied for about 30 minutes.  Just long enough for me to get lunch on the table.  Perfect!

It was especially nice having the day off today because it gave my oldest another day to recover from his camping adventure Saturday night. 

I missed my oldest boy.  Thankfully, Daddy called a couple of times to let me know they weren't freezing their you-know-whats off.  The building they slept in was nicer (from what I heard) than what I expected.  I was imagining them sleeping on a dirt floor of an old, drafty barn.  Apparently it was a finished pole barn.  Still, it had concrete floors, but it was heated.  And, Daniel informed me he didn't even need to sleep with his gloves on!  He also informed me that Daddy said he could sleep out in the snow next year.  What!?!?  Daddy and I will have to talk about that.

They helped the Boy Scouts build their snow forts that they slept in and did lots of sledding.  Another part of the fun was helping make the meals.  Note to self:  encourage boys to be in charge of more meals.

He went to bed early last night and slept well so I think he's recovering in that respect.  However, he's at a scout meeting right's 8:47pm EST and he still isn't home.  sigh 

Now I think I'll sign off for the night, drink my wine, and watch trashy reality TV.  Yes it's Monday night and the Bachelor is on.

Good night.

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