Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a good site, a bad site and some cookies

A beautiful site:

A not so beautiful site:

Somehow I overlooked a pen that was in Chris' pants and it exploded in our dryer.  I say "overlooked" but in actuality, I haven't been checking pants pockets...I guess I've gotten lazy.

I finished off Chris' bottle of Goof Off trying to remove the ink from the inside of the dryer drum.  It looked to be about 15 years old and it did a fair job at removing a lot of the ink...but not all.  I think I have to change my ways and start checking pants pockets again.

Another beautiful site:  oatmeal raisin cookies. 

I spent Nickel's naptime baking and speaking with a nice man from India about my Snapfish order.  I had ordered some home decor items and a they didn't quite turn out as I expected.  He was very helpful (even if it took 55 minutes) and I'm looking forward to hanging up some pictures of my cute boys.

A long phone call meant no time to make my soup that I was planning on making.  Nor did I have time to do my yoga class. 

My middle son is the one with the sickies now and I felt a little run down this morning.  I'm hoping I can fight it off with my ginger green tea and some immunity yoga...and a good night's sleep.

Until tomorrow...

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