Monday, January 30, 2012

quiet time and yoga

We had our second quiet weekend in a row.  We didn't go anywhere last weekend.  It was heaven.  This weekend, we stayed home all day Saturday and made one quick into town on Sunday.  Just enough to cure the cabin fever that was beginning to set in for me.

Today was a normal start to our week.  A bit of grocery shopping followed by a much needed haircut for all 3 boys.  I didn't take many pictures today, so I'll have to share their new do's with you later this week.


I've been doing yoga more regularly since the start of the year.  I've done yoga off and on, very irregularly for about 4 years, since training for my first half marathon.  I actually remember doing my first yoga pose during my aerobics class back in 1998...tree pose!  I've wanted to begin learning more about yoga and practice more on a regular basis and finally am doing that with the help of Melissa West.  She is a Thai Massage Thereapist and Yoga Instructor who lives in Canada.  She offers free weekly yoga classes that are available online at  You can go directly to her website to see other information as well as linking up with her free weekly yoga classes.  She is so sweet and genuine in her classes, I really love her as an instructor.  I also love that I can do them when I have time, whether that's at 5 am or while my youngest naps in the afternoon...while I have dinner cooking on the stove.

I have joined her member site which allows me access to lectures, DVDs, and a forum where other members and I can communicate about questions, progress, anything really.  I'm reading a book that was recommended, The Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi, and studying the yoga sutras.  I'm excited to learn and it's already opening my eyes to a way of living a life more in touch with my heart than with my head.

 Good night and Namaste.

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