Saturday, January 28, 2012

waffles, snow, and one lazy saturday

I found a vegan waffle recipe that everyone eats, even my toughest critic (my family members will know which boy I'm talking about).  And I can throw them together really fast, along with a blueberry or raspberry sauce that I can no longer live without.  My oldest prefers the blueberry version and I the raspberry.  My youngest will eat both, and did so today.


I awoke this morning to beautiful snow flakes adding to our carpet of snow already on the ground.  It was a welcome site since we hadn't gotten much all week.  And what snow we had melted and become my least favorite part of winter...dirty brown snow. Another 4 inches fell last night and this morning.

My oldest is a little under the weather.  He must have caught the bug that I heard was making it's way through school.  It's a lazy Saturday.   Time to take advantage of that myself.

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