Thursday, January 12, 2012

husband's return home and more snow

I have a pretty steadfast routine.  It says that we stay home on Thursday.  I have been baking a lot this week.  I normally bake a lot, but we seem to be really going through the baked goods.  I don't buy any premade bakery items.  I'm not a fan of the added ingredients they put in theirs plus I like to use healthier flour and sugar and of course make them vegan.

Today we made granola.  More specifically, Hempanola (did you remember I spoke of it yesterday?)  This is a delicious recipe which uses barley flakes as well as oats.  The sweetener is brown rice syrup which coats every grain and leave the granola crunchy and in chunks.  Just the way I like it!  I added slivered almonds and chopped apricots.  I haven't tried any yet.  I'm waiting to have some for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I had a helper with me in the kitchen today.  He was in charge of stirring and adding the vanilla.  He was very specific that he wanted to add the vanilla.  Cute boy.

He had a rough night last night.  It took him a bit to fall asleep, then woke up several times before I made it to bed myself.  I could tell that he was warm and wanted to give him some ibuprofen to make him more comfortable, but he refused the medicine.  I was shocked!  Was this my child?  Refusing purple-colored syrupy medicine?  Apparently so.  He just wanted me to "put him back in there" pointing to his crib.  Adorable.  So, we kept things low-key today.  My type of day.

Anyway, more baking.  Chris had a fire meeting tonight and wanted me to make cookies.  Chocolate chip anyone?  Delicious.  I had to sample one, I must admit.

It was a coloring day, a day good for rolling Silly Putty into hot dog shapes and slicing it for "eating".

We were anticipating some snow.  Watching for it out the window.  Nothing happened until late afternoon.  It was right about the time we were expecting Daddy to leave and fly home.  His flight was delayed a bit, but not too long.  He was able to be with the boys for a bit before heading out to his meeting, cookies in tow.

Lunch was delicious leftovers.  I have my egg-less sandwich mix in the fridge, so I made another delicious sandwich to eat with leftover Quinoa, Kale, and White Bean Stew.

Oh my it's good.  You need to try it.

Now, I'm just watching the snow come down outside.  We're so happy it's snowing again.  It's been an odd winter.  We have gotten snow, then it promptly melts in 50 degree weather.  I can't complain really, although my boys are complaining!  And, I certainly don't want winter to be sticking around in April!  I'd rather have my snow now, thank you.

As I was taking these pictures, I could hear the teenagers across the street as they were shoveling their driveway.  One of them said, "I just saw lightning!" was just my flash.

Last night was a late night.  I tend to stay up late when my husband is out of town.  So, I think I'll finish both my glass of wine and my episode of chopped.  Maybe one day I'll see them compete using all vegan ingredients.  Now, that would be something to watch!

Good night all.

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