Monday, January 23, 2012

a lost tooth and a snow day

 Guess who lost his first tooth?  It was an exciting night.  He actually pushed it out with his tongue and he's so happy it's out.  The tooth fairy hasn't come yet.  He's forgotten to put it under his pillow.  Maybe he'll remember tomorrow and hopefully she remembers to come.  Our tooth fairy has a habit of forgetting to come.  I guess she's pretty busy.

 We had a mountain of broccoli for dinner the other night.  Just kidding.  It was actually part of a delicious Broccoli CashewTeriyaki Stir Fry from Dreena Burton's Eat, Drink and be Vegan.  It's a favorite in our house.

We also had Sunny Pineapple Yogurt Cake with Orange Glaze.  It is also from the same cookbook.  It is so moist and delicious and kind of dessert.  The best part is it only has three tablespoons of oil in the entire cake.  Honestly!


We had a snow day today.  Actually I should call it an inclement weather day since they cancelled school because of the freezing rain.  My boys were very excited, they weren't expecting a day off.  While they were very busy upstairs I threw together some scones.  These raspberry chocolate chip scones have become a favorite with most of us.  I can't quite convince my middle son to try them.  He did ask what kind of "cookies" these were.  Once I said "scone" he turned and walked away.  If only he'd try them...

I couldn't get a good picture of the snow melting and dripping off of the roof of our house, but in this one you can see the grass is showing in our backyard.

My husband clears a path for the dog...he's a Lhasa Apso and his belly is probably only 6 inches off of the ground.

Our high temperature today was a balmy 43.  I wonder if that is a record.  It really did feel warm compared to our single-digit temperatures we had last week.

Snow started to fall around the dinner hour and it hasn't stopped yet.  We shall see if there is school tomorrow.

Good night all.

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