Tuesday, February 7, 2012

beauty and paper airplanes

We have some beautiful moments here in my home state.  This was a little of the sunset from the other night.

 This was our beautiful, sunny afternoon we had today. 

The boys are infatuated with paper airplanes now.  Daniel got a book on making paper airplanes for Christmas from a dear Aunt and Uncle.  What a blessing!  They all are perfecting their throwing skills.  And, our sunny, albeit very cold day after school gave them plenty of room to practice their loop de loops.

Even the puppy wanted to come out.

 We're still battling viruses in our house.  I could use a nice, mild day where I could open all the windows and blow those germs right out of here.

This train track is usually is in the basement, because it takes up so much room...but it is now in our foyer.  It's a little bit in the way when I needed to come to the front door this afternoon.  Oh well, anything to keep them occupied and happy when they aren't feeling so well.

Here's to a healthier day tomorrow...

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