Wednesday, February 8, 2012

playtime and stew

I love days when we get to spend most of our time at home.


making a "zip line" with cones, 

climbing on Mom.

He saw me making the boy's lunches last night and wanted me to make one for him too.  He brought it with us when we took the boys to school this morning and was very excited to eat it when lunch came around.

We had another sunny day today.  Reading pre-naptime books in the sunshine was lovely.

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Barton

 I did a first today...I made my own vegan sausages.  I was apprehensive, very apprehensive.  I became vegetarian because I didn't like meat.  So, making a meat substitute was not something I was interested in eating.  But others in my house would be interested in eating something like this.  So, I gave it a shot. 

Stew with homemade vegan sausage.
They were a little spicy but the stew was delicious.  It gave me a good excuse to open up a bottle of red wine.  And I'm a potato girl and the potatoes were fabulous.  I may have to find a milder sausage recipe, but this stew recipe is a keeper.

I'm looking forward to having coffee (tea) with some friends tomorrow morning.  Have a good night.

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