Monday, February 13, 2012

full circle

Today went from tea to yoga to sunbeams in February to lots of clean dishes.

I've noticed lately that my life is having many full circle moments after moving back to my home state.  My boys are attending the school that I used to work at in college.  Some of the same teachers still work there, and I love seeing their faces.  It's a dream come true having them go to the school where I began my love of the Montessori method. 

My niece always looks at my oldest son like this...adorable!
I took my two oldest boys to see The Nutcracker.  I remember when I saw The Nutcracker for the first time.  It was with my best friend and we had on lacy dresses and nylons for the first time.  The things one remembers!!  It was about 30 years ago and at the same theater where I took my boys.  I got teary-eyed several times during the performance.  It was fabulous.

My full circle moments come with even the simple things like grocery shopping.  There was a small health-foods store that I loved browsing when I was in college.  It was in an old house and very small, but fun to look at all of the different products they carried that they didn't have at the bigger chain store.  They've since moved and have a fabulous selection of produce and bulk items, which is usually where you can find me. 

I'm so happy we were able to move back to this place I love, but I miss our friends and community we had back in Wisconsin.  There are no regrets, only that maybe we can visit them more often.

I'm looking forward to finding more full circle moments.  Does anyone out there have any of their own they'd like to share?

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