Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the morning after

The snow began late Friday afternoon.  We were on our way home from my oldest son's cello lesson and the flakes were big and plentiful.  We all were excited.  Our Northern Michigan wasn't all that it could be this year but we were hopeful we weren't done with winter just yet.  Mother Nature let us know we were right.

After it was all said and done we got about 20 inches.  Before the storm most of our snow was gone, just having some patches in the grass here and there.  We aren't wanting for snow now!

The view down our street.

The view the other direction.

It was a heavy, wet snow that really coated the trees.  So much so that branches came down, knocking out power and transformers in our entire area.  It was an adventure for all.  Luckily we have a small generator that we were able to plug our fridge into and it allowed us to use our microwave and radio (I could not find our battery-operated radio).

We read bedtime books by flashlight in front of the fireplace.

Not long into book time they decided that making shadows on the wall was much more fun.

There was a camp-out for the older boys in our room.  It was too dark upstairs for them.

 The morning after the morning after gave way to the sun trying to shine it's way through the cloud cover.


And finally giving way to beautiful blue skies...the calm after the storm.


I didn't see Chris much last weekend.  He responded to calls (and was stranded in a stuck Engine for four hours) all Friday night.  Saturday he helped friends who had downed tree branches in their yard and on their house.  After probably 25 or 30 calls in total over the weekend, he was ready (we all were ready!) for a full-nights sleep.  Luckily the Sleep Gods have provided.

The lack of posting has not been for lack of content, it's quite the contrary!  Power was out, internet was out as a result of our router failing after the storm, and lack of sleep and a good book has kept me away.  Just today I got my new Dreena Burton cookbook, Let Them Eat Vegan.  I'm so excited and am really surprised by how many recipes (200!!!) are inside!  Have I mentioned there's an entire chapter devoted to ice cream?  This girl knows how to do it right! 

So, if you'll excuse me...I have a cookbook to read!

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