Monday, June 25, 2012

salads and baking

It's been a busy first couple weeks of summer vacation.  I have watched my niece for most of those two weeks which has been fun.  But having to adjust to preparing 5 lunches instead of two meant that my lunch salads had to go by the wayside.  They usually aren't that time consuming to prepare, but when you have 4 hungry kiddos who are ready for seconds before I have had the chance to begin preparing my lunch, re-heated leftovers from the night before turns out to be much faster than spinning some greens, chopping veggies, and adding whatever else looks good from the night before.  Today I had the extra time (plus some pre-spun greens from last nights dinner...did you happen to see my Vegan Chopped entry?).  While I was slicing the grapes and getting the salad assembled (and getting seconds for my boys' lunches) I toasted a few almonds.  I also had a little bit of an oil-free dressing that I've been loving, that I used.  And voila!  Lunch is ready!


When cooking or baking I tend to go all out.  When it's baking day, I'm known for baking 3 different things right after another.  Maybe a batch of muffins, some cookies, and then some granola.  It's easier for me.  I have all of the ingredients out on my counter, my measuring cups and spoons are there, I just wash out my mixing bowl and spoon in between.  Why mess up the kitchen three times when I can really mess it up just once? 



Today I only had 2 things on my list to bake:  granola and brownies.  

 The cashews were soaking, the wet and dry ingredients for the granola were ready to be combined.  While the granola was baking, I assembled the brownies.  The oven temps were different, but I just bumped it up a bit and it was ready when the brownies were ready to go in.  Easy peasy.

The best part is being able to take the day off tomorrow.

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