Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy weekend

Is it really Sunday?

How do these weekends go by so fast? Probably because we're so busy! We had great weather on top of it.

Saturday started off with going out to our favorite place for breakfast. We usually eat a late breakfast, when we go out. Mainly because I can't get myself and everyone ready in a timely manner. I tend to drag my feet a bit on the weekends, because most of the time we aren't on as much of a time table as we are during the week...and I take advantage of that!

So, eating a late breakfast happened in part because the baby woke up early, and took his time going back to sleep, which meant he woke up at the time he would have normally been heading down for his morning nap. (Does this make sense??) Anyway, it all worked out good and we had a HUGE and delicious breakfast. We then went to Target to get some necessities and to browse. Then, it was time to head to soccer. The middle boy didn't play again this week. But, I think we'll revisit the subject with him and try to persuade him to give it another try. Our OS (oldest son) played and did a great job. He loves to play soccer. In 2 years, he's scored one goal. But, his heart is completely in the game and you can tell by his sideways gallop across the field. :)

We had an open house (we're in the process of trying to sell our home) on Sunday, so Saturday afternoon, while the baby napped, was spent removing school paperwork and newspapers, cleaning the stove and stainless, and putting miscellaneous toys and oddities away. The bigger boys spent fun time outside with Daddy.

One of my favorite times of the day is just before bedtime. Not only is our day coming to an end, and it'll soon be time for me to have my time to myself, but that's when I have some nice conversations with my boys. My MS (middle son) loves to tell me about his dreams. He often has scary dreams, which don't seem to bother him. He tells me about a ghost or monster that picked him up and carried him upstairs, or maybe it met him in the backyard. Sounds scary to me! But, he's not bothered by it at all. The dream he told me of last night was "not a scary dream, Mom!" he said. He loves birds, and this dream was about how a bird flew right into his hand and he held it. He had a wonderful expression of amazement on his face as he told me this story. I could tell he really enjoyed his dream. It was a sweet moment with a boy who has his not-so-sweet moments. But, don't we all?? :)

My OS likes to tell me of his adventures at recess. Currently, he's chasing/being chased by a girl in kindergarten. He's always enjoyed playing with girls, his two best friends are girls. And, he loves telling me about how he hides (he thinks that when he wears his camouflaged coat, no one can see he's invisible or something) and when she spots him, he jumps out of hiding and scares her.

Now, the baby can't tell me about his dreams or his adventures on the playground, but we have our special time at night too. There are 2 lullabies that we listen to every night while I nurse him just before bed. They are so relaxing and it's a wonderful way for us to end our day together.

I guess I got a little sidetracked.

Sunday started as a typical day: breakfast, getting dressed, and the boys were out as soon as they could be. Daddy picked up the garage and the boys did whatever they could while being outside. They ride their bikes on our driveway, blow leaves out of the garage, play in the sandbox, take the dog for a walk. Lots to do while I tidied up before the open house. Luckily, it was scheduled during the time we normally go to church, so we didn't have to find someplace special to go. After church was lunch and nap for the baby. The OS worked on math homework and the bigger boys were off to the park with Daddy. The baby awoke and he and I headed out for a little Christmas shopping! It was nice spending time with just the baby. I think it was our first time out together, just he and I. Another great thing about being out with the baby, was I had put dinner in the over before I left, so once I came home, dinner was practically ready! I love those dinners!

Tonight was another nice night of hearing of what might happen on the playground tomorrow at school and the MS telling me what HE was going to name HIS frogs (because the OS has 2 frogs and the MS is looking forward to having his own frogs someday). The baby nursed nicely and went right to sleep.

Who could ask for a better weekend?

Now if I could get on the ball and take pictures of our happenings and post them too. Maybe next time.

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