Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Days

My days are long...

Today started at 5:15am, which could have been earlier. And, I didn't get up during the night, which is a huge deal seeing as it's only been a handful of times since I slept through the night since the baby was born in February.

But, after taking my MS (middle son) to school this morning, and picking him up before lunch (the commute is 20 miles each way) and picking up my OS (oldest son) after school (another 25 miles one way) the day was starting to come to an end...maybe for the kids, but not quite yet for me.

After some much-needed playtime outside and dinner, all 3 boys needed baths and the OS had some homework to do. After massaging the baby, nursing and putting him to bed, there were 2 boys left to get tucked in. Daddy made it home in time to read to the MS and OS so I could clean up from dinner. They enjoyed this time as he was out of town last night.

After tucking in the last 2 boys, it was time to do the dishes and head to the grocery store. It's the last thing I want to do after a long day, but it needs to get done, and there's not much time to do it during the day when there's commuting 2 boys to 2 different schools and a baby who needs regular naps. Plus, this way I can go by myself and somewhat stay on task. And hopefully remember everything from my list.

After spending 45 minutes shopping, it's time to check out and head home. I unload the groceries, and finally call it a day. I made myself a small cup of something warm to drink and watch a little TV while catching up on my Facebook. Something to do so I can unwind.

Soon, I'll head upstairs and see what the night will bring. Will someone get up to go potty? Will the baby need me? Will the dog need attention? Will my husband go on a call? Whatever the night brings, I can be assured that my precious boys will wake up ready to go in the morning. They'll want something yummy for breakfast and need to be out the door by 8am.

And, so will begin another day...

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